An hour a week of teaching inspiration: podcasts

inspiration_signWhen it comes to ebooks or podcasts, I am not a good listener. I am a better reader. I can easily get distracted when listening to an ebook in public or I can fall asleep when listening to a podcast despite of how interesting an episode may be. On the other hand, I absolutely forget the world when I am reading. Nothing can take away from me the words that are written on paper.

I have, however, started listening to podcasts as it was an assignment for one of my classes of my MA TEFL program. The experiment will definitely be benefiting especially if I decide to use podcasts in my teaching experience. And as somebody who is on her path to learn to educate, what I need the most is inspiration 🙂 Saying that, I hope that it won’t be surprising for you to know that the first podcast episode I have listened to was about Inspiring educators. You can browse their website for very interesting articles or listen to their podcasts on iTunes. You can also download The Podcast Source (Inspiring educators are available here too) which is also a great APP to find various podcasts of your interest.

I hope you will enjoy the few minutes of inspiration every week and in the comments please share with me what you think of using podcasts when teaching a foreign language.

Have a beautiful day and Carpe Diem!

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